The different best mobile massage therapy mediums

 Massage mediums are utilized to allow the even flow of the hands over the skin during specialized massage. The medium you want will depend on the skin type, the type of London mobile massage, and your core needs. The medium is always applied to the hands before applying on your body.

The therapist must be via an effleurage rub



Grapeseed and Sweet Almond are the most common types of the oil medium. Before utilization of any kind of nut oil make sure you as a customer know what you are sensitive to. The discussion should be done before the massage treatment. If you are unsure of any nut allergies, get massages using neutral oil such as Grapeseed. The oil medium gives slide for the masseuse and a deeper massage. It is naturally absorbed and non-sticky so can be used everywhere on the body. If you are a hairy client as fingers can get entangled in the hair and end up in the masseuse pulling out hair from the area. You can go for such a massage in the best mobile massage in London



Not many know about this medium of massage. For this type, Talcum powder is most commonly used. Powder mediums are mainly effective on hairy clients as it still gives slide but does let the hair get entangle in the masseuse's fingers. It gives a better grasp and gives a deeper massage. It is also great to use with a mixture or oily skin as it absorbs the natural sebum from the skin surface, rather than make the region worse with an oil or cream medium. Ask outcall mobile massage in London whether they use this medium. 



There is no specific type of cream medium; most are particular massage creams created for a particular area of the body. When worked into the skin it changes into a thicker oil consistency rather than a cream. It is often used on facial massages as it gives more slide than the normal oil, thus resulting in less force being put on your face. It is also simply absorbed and doesn't lie weighty on the skin.



Gel mediums are a jelly-like matter which creates more of a sticky, matte effect on the skin. All areas can be worked using this medium. You can book a mobile massage in London and discuss extensively which medium to use.


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